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Why do you need to protect your eyes? Be guided when purchasing eyewear for different purposes. Eye problems may be due to constant eye fatigue, heavy exposure to gadgets, UV light, or simply old age. EO is here to provide informative insights for choosing eyewear and Sunwear that suits your needs and matches your style.

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💯 Effective! 💕 I'd rate EO Anti Fog Wipes 10 out of 10. I immediately tested the moment I've received it. I'm completely satisfied with its effectivity. Just follow the instructions. See the difference from the photos. Right lens-i wiped the anti-fog cloth, while the left lens, i didn't.

We've been using this EO Anti Fog Wipes since we found out about it and now that the other one has reached its useful life, we have purchased it again. Super helpful when it comes to taking the fog off of our glasses!

I received my order without damage. Super bilis lang din ng delivery. EO is one of the best eyeglasses case talaga. Thank you po!

Balot na balot yung parcel and also mabilis siya naship kaya mabilis din naideliver. As usual, the contact lenses are not irritating in the eyes and very lightweight. Thank you EO! I don't have to go to your physical store na dahil meron ng online store 😁 buti alam ko grado ko sa eyes

Very affordable contact lens solution! Eto palagi ko binibili and hindi sya naka ka irritate sa mata

Legit EO lens cleanser! Good quality, well- packaged and shipped immediately. I don't need to go to mall or to any EO branch for this. Thank you and God bless❤️

My go to choice for clear contact lenses, cheapest silicone hydrogel available on the market while not compromising on quality, it does not dry up as fast as other lens material and it's so light on the eyes you won't even feel like you're wearing anything, will definitely order again! Very light on the eyes, does not dry up as fast as other lenses, feels like you're wearing nothing

I have been using EO's Illusion SLATE GRAY for years! thank you seller for always bring so responsive. I didn’t also expected that there is a free 60cc solution too! Thank you EO!

Ang daling gamitin lang nitong Hydromat Easy Clean Contact Lens Case. Lagay mo lang dalawang lenses mo sa proper lagayan nila, naka indicate naman if L (left) or R (right) lens. Then add kana lang ng Flex Wear Solution mo then twist mo lang siya for about 30sec to 1min to disinfect the lenses. 🥰❤️

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