The brand history

Let’s start from the beginning

Founded by Ely IN 1982, Callaway Golf Company started its business journey by manufacturing sports equipment namely, golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf-related accessories. The brand's headquarters currently nestles in Carlsbad, California, USA.



From offering golf equipment, the company eventually introduced apparel collection, and acquired the golf apparel brand TravisMathew in 2017, further establishing their presence in the golf lifestyle market.

From apparel to eyewear

Optical accessory

Lavish in cool design, Callaway eyewear collection timeless style in sturdy frames is perfect for sports or everyday look. Adorned with simple details, and a subtle logo on its temples, this eyewear can still enhance an athletic outfit with its classic approach.

Sports sunwear

Cool style

Elevate your sports outfit with Callaway's premium sunglasses collection. This sleek and timeless pair not only enhances your style but also ensures utmost UV protection. Step up your game with fashion and function combined!


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