Since its inception in 1919, Champion has been a trailblazer in the world of activewear, setting new standards for innovation and style. As the inventor of th hoodie, Champion has revolutionized American athletic wear.

With its design heritage, the brand continues to combine timeless aesthetics and cutting-edge design in its authentic sportswear, comfortable streetwear, and ultra-durable eyewear.

Champion Eyewear: Fueling Passion, Inspiring Confidence

As a brand that ignites the fire of passion, Champion's eyewear collection empowers athletes and active individuals with unwavering confidence. Whether on the field or in the streets, these high-performance eyeglasses and sunglasses encourage people to play by their own rules and accept challenges in sports and beyond.

The "C" of Champion: Where Heritage Meets Contemporary

With the iconic "C" symbolizing Champion's rich legacy, the brand seamlessly fuses its American sports heritage with modern elegance in its eyewear creations. Each piece becomes a canvas of expression, inspiring wearers to tap into their inner Champion and conquer every facet of life with style and determination.

Be Your Own Champion: Sporting Eyewear with Pride

Champion's eyewear collection goes beyond fashion; it symbolizes self-expression. With every pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses, wearers are encouraged to embrace their individuality, break free from conventions, and carve their paths as true champions in life.


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