Made for the Modern Woman

Celebrating a Made in Italy charm since 2013, the playful and stylish brand Chiara Ferragni has been slaying the women's fashion industry with a heart set on bringing out the best version of the modern woman through luxurious fabrics, fashionable textures, and precise details.

In a few seasons, the brand expanded into a whole style that included, in addition to shoes, clothes, and accessories embellished with a well-known eye insignia.

Flagship Stores & Fashion Capitals

By creating pop-up stores in 2016, the company made its first moves toward global expansion. It increased its distribution in July 2017 by opening flagship stores in the heart of the most fashionable cities: Milan, Paris, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

fashion yet pop charm

With its iconic eye logo, signature sparkling pink, silver glitter effects, and new eye-catching colors, this fashion-forward yet pop brand offers fun and fashionable optical frames and sunglasses.

timeless yet trendy

From luxe fabrics to modish textures, Chiara Ferragni has explored contemporary femininity through its collection of timeless yet trendy eyewear with its eye-like motif on the frames, as well as the Star, the hallmark of the brand and the new oversize metal chain element.

for fearless fashionistas

All for the actual trendsetters and fearless fashionistas, Chiara Ferragni spreads joy, good values, and great vibes in the physical and virtual worlds. Born to love fiercely, Chiara Ferragni women are international, dynamic, cool, modern, and strong.

Love fiercely!


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