The modern touch to a classic style

Comfort and fashion

Farah was founded by Farah Monsour and his wife in 1920. The brand introduced well-constructed workwear for men, and eventually ventured into selling no-fail comfort outfits, thus this paved to a more innovative approach in fashion.

Style and sustainability

Less is more

Fast fashion means a possibility of more waste, which led Farah to incorporate eco-friendly materials into its clothing line. With its perfect blend of style, function and sustainability, the brand had taken the fashion industry into a new light.

Eyewear and sunwear collection

It doesn’t end with the clothing Line

The eyewear and sunwear line introduced iconic optical accessories with a modern Farah touch for men. Designed with vintage-aesthetic style and eco-friendly materials such as handcrafted acetate, the brand’s eyeglasses collection is the definition of simple yet unforgettable.


Farah’s continuous improvement is unstoppable because the brand eventually launched its sleek and innovative sunglasses in handcrafted acetate frames that consist of UV-400 lenses. With the sunwear collection's cool and sharp designs, it is clear that the mission is to continue upgrading the brand’s value.


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