Jonathan Adler’s history

The beginning is always the best part

Jonathan Adler is an American home furnishings and design company founded by Jonathan Adler, a renowned designer, potter, and author. The company started its business journey in 1993, and its headquarters is located in New York City, USA.

Additional master pieces

Subsidiary products

Jonathan Adler is well-known for its unique and quirky designs, which often combine modernist principles with a touch of retro and a playful sense of humor, and those characteristics are also visible with his home decors collection.

A creative spin on eyewear

From furniture to optical accessory

The company sought to broaden its market by offering good quality eyeglasses designed with playful colors and patterns, which symbolizes the company's brand. Available from narrow to average fit, Jonathan Adler specs are the perfect definition of fashion and comfort in a frame.

The sunglasses collection

Something you can wear on sunny day

The eyeglasses’ twin item is obviously sunwear. The company also wanted to cater to customers fond of outdoor activities, which is why it started selling sunglasses. The collection’s design is formal, cool yet creative. Its style also consists of intricate and unique shapes and patterns.

Jonathan Adler is an international brand that is exclusively distributed by Executive Optical, located in the Philippines.


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