Brand history

How it all began

Kensie was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in the mid-1990s by Lani and Eric Karls, who were inspired by the fashion-forward and creative atmosphere of their hometown. The brand quickly gained popularity for its fresh, youthful, and chic designs.

The upgrade

From colorful to simple aesthetic

Change is inevitable, and mostly, it’s for the better. Kensie is known for its beautiful dresses with playful designs and vibrant colors. However, the company saw great potential for a larger market, which is why it started manufacturing clothing according to the preferences of a diverse, fashion-conscious audience, especially women on the go.

Eyewear collection

Another addition

A pair of eyeglasses is an essential optical accessory for some since not everyone are blessed with 20/20 vision. Therefore, Kensie expounded its product offerings, and ventured into producing quality and stylish eyewear. Designed in classic frames with a touch of modernity, this pair of specs will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The sunwear collection

Stylish sun shield

From eyewear to sunwear, Kensie has once again proven that its brand can do more. With modern-styled and chic frames, the company delivers elegant designs without being overly loud. These stylish eyewear options effortlessly blend into your everyday outfits, while also providing a subtle compliment to your more extravagant ensembles.


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