LuluCastagnette’s brand history

A trip down to memory lane

In 1979, Charles Lahmi founded the company Ivresse. It manufactures and markets women's ready-to-wear lines for multi-brand clothing.In 1996, he created LuluCastagnette. The brand offers knitted sweaters with a teddy bear mascot logo on it, which has become its trademark.

The first store

Taste of success

LuluCastagnette opened its first store at Rue de Passy, located in Paris. From offering its signature knitted swear, the company eventually ventured into producing stationery and bags as the first accessories in its collection, followed by perfume, watches, shoes, and optical.

Sunglasses Collection

Stylish sunnies

Designed with sophistication in a child-like style, LuluCastagnette’s signature look is a combination of elegance and playful frame-shapes. This sunwear collection exhibits a spirit of youthfulness that allows girls, teenagers, and women to step into the world of fast forward eyewear.

Eyeglasses Selection

Your signature style

Crafted in high-quality materials with simple yet elegant designs, LuluCastaganette exhibits charm and allure in a frame, making it an instant statement piece. Ranging from various choices to choose from, each eyewear will bring out your unique groove.


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