The crave for change

What started as a dream became a reality

The Marc Jacobs brand is a high-end fashion label founded by the designer Marc Jacobs in 1984. The brand focused on coming up with bold, unique, and trend-setting designs that often push the boundaries of traditional fashion. From witnessing its brand’s competitor’s success to creating its own name, Marc Jacobs stole the spotlight and changed the traditional fashion forever.

Innovation in fashion

Be different

The brand’s eclectic style is inspired from music, art and pop culture sewed into dresses that challenge the norm. From offering creative outfits down to producing stylish bags, accessories and eyewear, Marc Jacobs’ continuous innovation paved the way to unforgettable and timeless pieces that set the bar high for the fashion industry.

Eyewear by Marc Jacobs

Art in a frame

The creative approach to fashion eventually led to creating more subsidiary products for people who love and breathe fashion. The eyewear collection is designed with sophisticated details, high quality materials, and a touch of unique blends that accentuate the eyeglasses’ style.

A sunwear for your unique style

Different and original

The sunglasses line is designed with passion with a hint of every individual’s personality, which makes it utterly one of a kind. A combination of fashion, luxury and quirk, Marc Jacobs sunwear showcases the fun within you through its frames made with various patterns, shapes and sizes. It’s more than just an optical accessory as it elevates not just your style since it allows you to explore and experiment with your ensemble.

You are a star

Become who you are

Find your own groove with Marc Jacobs, and don’t let anyone dim your light. One thing that you must remember is that fashion is flexible and limitless, which is why you have the power to create your own trend.


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