The history of Polaroid

How it began

Polaroid Corporation, also known as Polaroid, is a renowned American consumer electronics and eyewear company founded by Edwin H. Land in 1937, with its headquarters initially based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Polaroid Corporation gained fame and recognition primarily for its instant film and instant camera systems. The company introduced the world's first commercial instant camera, the Polaroid Model 95, in 1948. This groundbreaking camera allowed users to capture a photo and have a developed print in a matter of minutes, revolutionizing traditional photography at that time.

Something New

From photography to sunglasses

The company then ventured into offering eyewear with polarized lenses, which were developed to reduce glare and enhance visual clarity. Polaroid's polarized lenses became popular among outdoor enthusiasts, especially those involved in water sports and driving, as they effectively blocked reflected light and improved visibility.

More to come

The eyewear collection

Polaroid Corporation started to see success in its sunglasses. Therefore, it decided to expand and add an eyewear collection. The brand stayed true to its commitment to offering prescription eyeglasses with quality, comfort, and vision protection same as its sunglasses.

Vision and style

Wear it

With the company’s continued innovation in its products, the promise of producing frames in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Today, Polaroid offers classic designs, sporty frames, or trendy fashion sunglasses that provide fashion and functionality in a single frame.


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